What is Traditional Healing?

One of the pilgrims in our medicine group overlooking the beautiful landscape in the Huichol homelands.

The medicine people (mara’akame/mara'akate) of the Wixárika or Huichol tradition are known as healers and wise counselors. The word “mara’akame” meaning “one who knows” requires many years of personal sacrifice, growth, and pilgrimage to sacred sites, followed by a traditional initiation. This is a life-long commitment. The shamanic work of a mara'akame brings deep healing to those seeking physical, emotional, spiritual and mental support.

As promise holders of this tradition, we have connection and relationship to the power of an unbroken lineage. Despite the changes in our modern culture, there are timeless instructions for getting along in life that still apply today.

As in most indigenous traditions, shamanic healing works with the root spiritual cause of illness, seeking to restore balance in our lives and connection with the essential nature of who we are in this world. One does not need to have a manifested physical illness to benefit from this work.

About the Author

Susan Skinner is one of the members of the elder council for our group, the kawiterutsirri. She is dedicated to initiating healthy transformation in the lives of people so they can better align with the natural cycles of life and face our inevitable challenges with balance and courage.